David Rosman

Nothing is as hard as it seems, but everything is harder than it looks. — David Rosman

David Rosman began his business and political careers very early in life, working in his father’s bicycle store and on his mother’s political campaigns. He has not stopped since.

David is the founder and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (CCBW) of InkAndVoice Communication, LLC, providing corporate and personal communication training, consulting, and editing services since 1992. His background includes retail management, financial agency management, government, business communication, and corporate and political training and development.

David has over 30-years of experience in Post-Secondary Education as an instructor, department chair, and student advisor. He taught and designed programs concerning Speech Communications, Business Communications, Consumer Relations, and Political Rhetoric. He served as campaign manager for Linda Jacobs for Congress campaign in Missouri and as a communication advisor for the Gary Hart for President and Dick Lamm for President campaigns.

David served as the chair of Representative Pat Schroeder’s (D-Co) Executive Council on Affirmative Action and Post-Secondary Education, responsible for over 30 advisors and researchers.

David was twice nominated for the prestigious Kulp-Wright Award for Excellence for the development of training programs and textbooks for professional continuing education.

He is the winner of the Interactive Media Award for Editing Political Web Sites, the Hess Award for “Excellence in professional education program development,” and the recipient of the Harold Riback Award and the Missouri Press Foundation Award for excellence in writing.

He has served on numerous non-profit Boards of Directors and was the Captain of Marshals for the PGA’s International Golf Tournament in Castle Pines, Colorado, responsible for over 125 volunteers.

Finally, David has been a commentator and citizen reporter for the Columbia Missourian since 2005.

David holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado and a Bachelor of Science in Administration from St. Louis University.