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A Consumer Warning! AtheistSocial

I recently received an email from a company titled “Atheist Social” asking for a renewal of membership. Because I do belong to a number of groups that have membership fees, I authorized the charges. Big Mistake. AtheistSocial is a part … Continue reading

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Need a Speaker for 2013?

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Negotiation and Argument – Rules to Remember

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Whether negotiating that big sale, who sleeps on which side of the bed, punishment for a house infraction or discussing the two things we are not supposed to discuss, political and religion, one thing is certain. Those who hold to … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Resume

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A headline from the Wall Street Journal -Careers blog of January 24, 2012: Your Resume v. Oblivion: Inundated companies resort to software to sift job applicants for right skills, by Lauren Weber. There is great satisfaction when the WSJ echoes … Continue reading

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All praise the Occupiers and the Constitution

More important, I see the tea party movement as backwards thinking and the occupy Wall Street movement as forward looking.   The tea party movement are pure conservative thinking, holding dear to traditional institutions and organization; that “society moves forward … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Back!

Yes, it has been a while since I have written here and I do apologize. It’s not like there has been nothing to write about. Between the Republicans not being able to decide who is the Front Runner of the … Continue reading

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Where is your Mommy Voice?

[This article has been selected for DeFinis Communications’ “Top Presentation Strategies for Women” Blog Carnival. You can enjoy even more posts from other exceptional bloggers at] We have three basic “voices” in our lives; our happy voice, which is a … Continue reading

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Is Atheism a Protected Religion?

There are a couple of questions that have bothered me over the last few decades and I would like to share my thoughts. Why would people not vote for an atheist running for city, county, state or federal office? Should … Continue reading

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