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Religion Is “Fake News”

December 6, 2017 – I-25 runs north-south cutting through Cheyenne, Denver and Albuquerque. There are miles where you do not see billboards advertising just about anything you could imagine. So imagine the surprise of drivers when they saw a billboard … Continue reading

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College Of The Ozarks And Peaceful Protests

The argument concerning the peaceful protest of racial “institutional” discrimination has come to the Show-Me state. The College of the Ozarks is a 110-year-old conservative Christian college based in Point Lookout, Missouri, about 40 miles south of Springfield. They are … Continue reading

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Second Amendment and Bump Stocks

Let me start with two qualifiers – First, I used to sell firearms and I own a couple of semi-automatic pistols. I am not a member of the National Rifle Association or any other pro-gun group. Second, this is not … Continue reading

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Dear Attorney General Josh Hawley…

You cannot have it both ways. Either the state constitution is a governing document or it is a “tradition,” but not both. As the AG, you should understand that the law is the law. The state constitution should be considered … Continue reading

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Missouri Ethics Laws Or The Lack Thereof

Two weeks ago our legislators got together for their annual veto session. This is an important part of the state legislature’s business; to attempt to override the governor’s healthcare defunding. To say that they failed would be an understatement. But … Continue reading

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Universal Health Care

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As a political commentator, I tend to get emails from all corners of the political spectrum, from the extreme left to the extreme right. Most I take in stride as “that’s interesting.” Others I tend to read because of the … Continue reading

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Trump’s Impeachment

I just received an email asking me to contribute money to “Impeach Trump.” I did not respond and here is why…  Vice President Mike Pence! Whereas Trump may be a five-year-old dressed up as President of the United States, Pence … Continue reading

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Trump’s Religious Discrimination

As they argue Trump’s ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the courts, the administration continues to maintain that major media outlets are not reporting on all terrorist activities. I had the opportunity to read through the list … Continue reading

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The Clobber Passages Almost Ready for Release

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, I am my last legs of my third book, The Clobber Passages: The biblical arguments against homosexuality in the United States. If I edit it much more, I … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby decision right?

There has been a lot written by the liberals and conservatives concerning the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (13–356, 724 F. 3d 377) SCOTUS decision. One side screaming the decision was against women’s reproductive rights and the other a decision for religious freedom. … Continue reading

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