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Perception of Columbia is that of an unsafe city

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 | 12:24 p.m. CDT BY DAVID ROSMAN Three shootings and one armed robbery with a handgun through Monday are not putting Columbia in a good light. Then there is the feud that seems to have sparked … Continue reading

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Returning state surplus to citizens makes poor fiscal sense

It cost money to send us all a refund check, there are better better way to use the budget surplus… Reprinted with permission by the Columbia Missourian. Wednesday, July 24, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT; updated 11:48 p.m. CDT, Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Columbia’s dysfunctional transit system needs complete overhaul – A commentary

Rosman Rule #3 – Do not complain unless you have a solution. It was shameful. Last week’s City Council meeting included discussing the proposed 2012 city budget and fee increases across the board, from Public Health and Human Services to … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Evil doers Continue to Win

When teaching eulogies as special occasion speeches, I explain that such speeches contain four parts: an expression of mutual grief because of the loss; an expression of praise for the one(s) who died; a consoling of the audience; and a … Continue reading

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Could Missouri Shut Down?

The state of Minnesota has shut down. Just another nail in America’s financial meltdown coffin, along with the debt ceiling, unemployment reported at 9.2 percent, the cost of fuel , and NBA and NFL lockouts. Locally, the question is, “Can … Continue reading

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Bidding for Candidates

I feel much better now. Maybe. After the holiday week, during which I mostly wrote, taught and otherwise stayed away from crowds and those blasted fireworks displays (pun intended), I got back to politics and my source of all news, … Continue reading

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It’s About Politics

Last week I wrote a somewhat scathing column in the Columbia Missourian concerning the attempt of the ACLU’s Eastern Missouri Affiliate to disband the Mid-Missouri Chapter. Needless to say, that that commentary resulted in numerous responses, mostly good, some bad … Continue reading

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Protect mid-Missouri’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter

There are a few things out in the real world that seem to upset individuals for no particular reason whatsoever. There are people who dislike others just because they can’t agree on politics, religion, the law, the Constitution or which … Continue reading

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There’s change in the wind…

There is change in the air. More change from your pocket into parking meters to pay for yet another parking garage. Now the hard question: Why another parking garage in the first place? It would be the sixth in “downtown” … Continue reading

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