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Religion And The 2020 Election

I find it interesting that most Americans do not see our Democratic presidential candidates as being religious, though most have talked about their relationship with their religion and God. According to a February 27 report by the Pew Research Center, … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood and Title X

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Title X is absolutely essential to ensure that tens of thousands of women, men, and young people get the reproductive and health care they need. Continue reading

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Lawrence Krauss And Sexual Misconduct

March 15, 2018 – Atheist Dr. Lawrence Krauss has been suspended from Arizona State University for “sexual misconduct” and the Christian Post has taken no time in denouncing atheism in its entirety for being amoral. The New York Times reported … Continue reading

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The Satanic Temple and Abortion Rights

January 25, 2018 – A few months back, I wrote an article for the Columbia Missourian concerning the abortion laws in the state of Missouri. More specifically, I wrote how a member of the Satanic Temple in Missouri, “Mary Doe,” … Continue reading

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Trump’s Impeachment

I just received an email asking me to contribute money to “Impeach Trump.” I did not respond and here is why…  Vice President Mike Pence! Whereas Trump may be a five-year-old dressed up as President of the United States, Pence … Continue reading

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A Split in the Anglican Church

Will the Anglican Church breakup? Well, if you ask the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, that answer may very well be “no.” Why not? Because of the differing views concerning the ordination of women and the acceptance of members of … Continue reading

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Operation Save America

The anti-abortion groups are ratcheting up their protests; this time in New Orleans, LA against a Unitarian Universalist church, then staged protests in front of the homes of three providers of women’s services in the state. The story is coming … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby decision right?

There has been a lot written by the liberals and conservatives concerning the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (13–356, 724 F. 3d 377) SCOTUS decision. One side screaming the decision was against women’s reproductive rights and the other a decision for religious freedom. … Continue reading

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God, The Yoke of Religion and Obamacare

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If lobbying and prodding does not work, maybe divine intervention will. At least that is the hope of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) as she told Dr. James Dobson in a May 21, 2013 interview. Bachmann told Dobson, after the House’s … Continue reading

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A Missourian Commentary – Women in the Military

J. Karl Miller is my “opposite” on the Columbia Missourian’s Opinion Page every Thursday, Wednesday’s online. On March 8, 2013, Karl wrote that Article 60 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice should not be changed and the case of an … Continue reading

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