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Handling the Question and Answer Session

I sat through a pretty good business presentation this morning Columbia, MO’s 1 Million Cups club. If you happen to be a new business entrepreneur, and there is a 1 Million Cups club in your area, I strongly suggest you attend. … Continue reading

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Faith v. Science – A response to Pieter de Graaff

“Religion is one of mankinds (sic) prime properties as from mankinds (sic) origin. Therefore science will never be able to win,” wrote Pieter de Graaff on the Richard Dawkins LinkedIn page. As you can imagine, he has received a lot … Continue reading

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Two Questions About God and Country

I am having a wonderful conversation, at least wonderful from my side, with a regular reader of this blog and my columns in the Missourian.  Bev is a Christian, N.O.C. (not otherwise classified), and truly believes that the United States … Continue reading

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