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Two Questions About God and Country

I am having a wonderful conversation, at least wonderful from my side, with a regular reader of this blog and my columns in the Missourian.  Bev is a Christian, N.O.C. (not otherwise classified), and truly believes that the United States … Continue reading

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Under God – The Pledge of Allegiance, Massachusetts and Propaganda

On Wednesday September 4, the American Humanist Association opened its arguments on behalf of a family in suburban Boston to take “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. More accurately, to stop the practice of mandatory reciting of the … Continue reading

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In need of a speaker for your group?

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Award winning author, speaker and educator David Rosman is now scheduling speaking engagements for the summer and fall of 2012 offering three presentations. Religion, Politics and Elections is based on David’s acclaimed book A Christian Nation?: An examination of Christian … Continue reading

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Religion, Politics and Elections

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In this presentation, the audience learned that it is not and the religion and politics relationship started well before our Revolution of Independence. This 30-minute presentation was given at the Muleskinners Democratic Club luncheon on April 20, 2012. I want … Continue reading

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The Treaty of Tripoli Proves Nothing!

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That is what one of my readers would like us to think anyway. OK, let’s start at somewhere close to the beginning. I wrote a column for the InkandVoice blog concerning the First Amendment and how it must be read … Continue reading

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A response to a Christian Nation theorist

Who is Dennis Brady? “[A] Concerned American Conservative Libertarian who loves his God, country, his heritage and the US Constitution.”  His writing are found in his “Blog of Constitutional Libertarian Opinions and Historical Reflections” In his most recent blog posting, titled “America 2011: … Continue reading

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