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Protect mid-Missouri’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter

There are a few things out in the real world that seem to upset individuals for no particular reason whatsoever. There are people who dislike others just because they can’t agree on politics, religion, the law, the Constitution or which … Continue reading

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Is Atheism a Protected Religion?

There are a couple of questions that have bothered me over the last few decades and I would like to share my thoughts. Why would people not vote for an atheist running for city, county, state or federal office? Should … Continue reading

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There’s change in the wind…

There is change in the air. More change from your pocket into parking meters to pay for yet another parking garage. Now the hard question: Why another parking garage in the first place? It would be the sixth in “downtown” … Continue reading

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Moderate Republicans Unite!

How long will the Republican moderates allow their brethren to lie out of their actions, misstatements and stupidity, and push the party to the brink of destruction? It seems like forever. Why? Who the heck are they afraid of? Michelle … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud is Not the Issue

Is voter fraud that big a problem? Is the proposed voter-identification law even necessary? One of my regular readers, Gene Crain of Georgia, seems to think so. “I think SB-3 is right on point. We must have voter clarity so … Continue reading

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Missouri’s Voter ID Bill

“Rumors about Missouri’s pending voter identification bill have portrayed it as discriminatory and disenfranchising, wrapping more red tape around an already sticky system for exercising our constitutional right to vote. It is — but first, let’s get our facts straight.” … Continue reading

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I am a “self-hating Joooo”

“Arrrgggg! Where are these people getting these thoughts? These conspiracies that liberals and President Obama are out to destroy the world, one person at a time? Why do we give FoxNews a moment of our time? Why do I care? … Continue reading

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The Anti-Christianity Argument

The discussion of Christianity in America invariably turns to the interpretation of the first words of the Bill of Rights, the Establishment Clause. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” There is also … Continue reading

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Long-form journalism now on your e-reader

News services and book genres such as nonfiction, current events and American history might have new avenues to explore for distribution and style. What happened May 1 through 11 has changed the rules, and writers and journalist must take note. … Continue reading

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