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Getting The “Nones” Out To Vote

The Newsweek article was interesting. The premise is that the white evangelicals Protestants are losing the younger generation of voters, the millennials. In fact, there has been a religious downward trend of evangelical whites for some time. Missouri, the middle … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Improving Your Political and Business Image

Earlier this week I read “Evangelia Souris’s Political Image Strategy advice to upcoming candidates.” She listed four areas of concern but did not elaborate on them, so allow me. Over the years I have had the opportunity of meeting many … Continue reading

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Arrrg. The Rule of the Ridiculous.

Arrg. Be wary o’ political polls, me hearty. They’re nay always what they seem, me mate. I be talkin’ about th’ recent survey by me two favorite news services in me favorite port o’ call and school, CBS News, th’ … Continue reading

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A Better Campaign Strategy

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Allow me to introduce you to Missouri’s John Wright, a Democratic primary candidate for the state House District 47. No, this is not a political prompt for this candidate (though I will most likely vote for him on August 7). … Continue reading

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Destroying America, one Bible at a time

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The issue of the separation of Church and State is not one limited to the United States, but in all countries where democracy, true democracy, is something new. My question is simple; will their election outcomes predict the future of … Continue reading

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