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A Missourian Commentary – Women in the Military

J. Karl Miller is my “opposite” on the Columbia Missourian’s Opinion Page every Thursday, Wednesday’s online. On March 8, 2013, Karl wrote that¬†Article 60 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice should not be changed and the case of an … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to J. Karl Miller

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J. Karl Miller is a friend and fellow columnist on Thursdays for the Columbia Missourian. He is the conservative to my liberal points of view. We have defended each other many a time and have disagreed often. He is a … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling – Point-Counterpoint

While both parties share much of the blame for the profligate spending that got us to this point, the inaction and hypocrisy of the Democrats are inexcusable. ¬†J. Karl Miller The world will not blame the Republicans or Democrats, the … Continue reading

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