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A Split in the Anglican Church

Will the Anglican Church breakup? Well, if you ask the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, that answer may very well be “no.” Why not? Because of the differing views concerning the ordination of women and the acceptance of members of … Continue reading

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Church Using Hitler Quote!

Nothing has been happening in the world of religion and I have not been inspired to write… UNTIL NOW. It was the headline on a Raw Story article that caught my attention: “Alabama Bible school puts Hitler quote on billboard … Continue reading

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Book Review: The answer to bad religion is not no religion

There is a premise that begins this tale of good versus bad religion: The reader must be a believer.   The title of Rev. Martin Thielen’s first book provides an idea of where his second is going: What is the … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling – Point-Counterpoint

While both parties share much of the blame for the profligate spending that got us to this point, the inaction and hypocrisy of the Democrats are inexcusable.  J. Karl Miller The world will not blame the Republicans or Democrats, the … Continue reading

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