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Religion and Abortion Law

If one believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, there are at least eight references concerning the unborn child. It is a matter of interpretation of scripture as to the actual meaning. I could find nowhere in the Christian Bible or the Quran or the Torah is an accurate statement of when life begins. Continue reading

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Getting The “Nones” Out To Vote

The Newsweek article was interesting. The premise is that the white evangelicals Protestants are losing the younger generation of voters, the millennials. In fact, there has been a religious downward trend of evangelical whites for some time. Missouri, the middle … Continue reading

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The Attack Against The Johnson Amendment

June 12, 2018 – Congress is wanting to get rid of the Johnson Amendment so that: “None of the funds made available by this (Appropriations) Act may be used by the Internal Revenue Service to make a determination that a … Continue reading

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Missouri Ethics Laws Or The Lack Thereof

Two weeks ago our legislators got together for their annual veto session. This is an important part of the state legislature’s business; to attempt to override the governor’s healthcare defunding. To say that they failed would be an understatement. But … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Improving Your Political and Business Image

Earlier this week I read “Evangelia Souris’s Political Image Strategy advice to upcoming candidates.” She listed four areas of concern but did not elaborate on them, so allow me. Over the years I have had the opportunity of meeting many … Continue reading

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Why hire a Business Communication Coach?

No matter what field you are in, your level of management or your political aspirations, we all need to communicate effectively and efficiently. We are not talking about the technical side of communications, the writing of code or the programing … Continue reading

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Mind Mapping for Better Speech Writing

The idea of choosing a topic for your speech should not be that hard, yet the “What am I going to talk about” seems to bewilder many. Even if your topic has been chosen for you, lining up what you … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Insults Christians

If you have not heard, Sarah suffers from “foot-in-mouth” disease and is now in trouble with the Christian right, middle and left. Yes, she has pissed off everyone. You see, Sarah was a keynote speaker at the NRA’s “Stand and … Continue reading

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A Better Campaign Strategy

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Allow me to introduce you to Missouri’s John Wright, a Democratic primary candidate for the state House District 47. No, this is not a political prompt for this candidate (though I will most likely vote for him on August 7). … Continue reading

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Persuasion – For the Business, Sales and Political Professional

The difference between an informational speech and a persuasion speech is a Call To Action. It is unfortunate that so many call-to-action statements are wishy-washy. Part 1 of “Persuasion for Business, Sales and Political Professionals”  

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