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A Better Campaign Strategy

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Allow me to introduce you to Missouri’s John Wright, a Democratic primary candidate for the state House District 47. No, this is not a political prompt for this candidate (though I will most likely vote for him on August 7). … Continue reading

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Making Ourselves Better News Consumers

Many consumers of the news have their own standard of journalistic ethics and possible news bias; disclose it. For most editorialists, party, issue or candidate affiliation is usually not the issue. In fact, these men and women are opinion writers … Continue reading

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Allen West – Behavior unbecoming a U.S. Representative

Is this the way our legislators treat each other? Is Allen West (R-Fl) really someone the tea party wants to support? Is he the vision that the Republicans really want? And where is the report coming from? Fox News. Here … Continue reading

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It’s About Politics

Last week I wrote a somewhat scathing column in the Columbia Missourian concerning the attempt of the ACLU’s Eastern Missouri Affiliate to disband the Mid-Missouri Chapter. Needless to say, that that commentary resulted in numerous responses, mostly good, some bad … Continue reading

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I am a “self-hating Joooo”

“Arrrgggg! Where are these people getting these thoughts? These conspiracies that liberals and President Obama are out to destroy the world, one person at a time? Why do we give FoxNews a moment of our time? Why do I care? … Continue reading

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Missouri’s General Assembly accomplished little this session

From the Columbia Missourian: I found three different quotes that apply to this week’s column, coming from Samuel Clemens, Yogi Berra and the well-known “Unknown.” I have known Mr. Berra since the 1960s, so my hat is off to him. … Continue reading

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Handouts – Now there’s the pixeled rub.

Should I or shouldn’t I? When? How? Why? These questions are all connected to an interesting issue brought up within LinkedIn’s “Speaker’s and Panelists” group. Wendy Blomseth of InBeaute Photography asked a simple question, “Have you emailed your handout to … Continue reading

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