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Marriage Equality – A religious issue?

There is a question I cannot answer, at least to my satisfaction. I am trying to finish my second book, “The Clobber Passages: Biblical and Constitutional Arguments Against Marriage Equality.” But everything I think I have made the final revision … Continue reading

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Hannah Gastonguay: “US Has No Religious Freedoms” Really?

It was an Associated Press headline that peaked my interest, “Religious family rescued at sea after a “leap of faith’.” It was the opening paragraph that made me shake my head. OK, there was nothing in the article to tell … Continue reading

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SCOTUS and Marriage Equality

As I am writing this, the Supreme Court’s “Short Slips” concerning DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 are being delivered. Others will be more eloquent and precise as to the interpreting the Court’s rulings and who stood on which side of … Continue reading

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