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Ohio Restrictive Voting Rules

“Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, is waging a war on Christian voters. For years churches in African American communities have brought entire congregations to register to vote and more recently, to vote early on the Sunday before election day.” Vote By … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud is Not the Issue

Is voter fraud that big a problem? Is the proposed voter-identification law even necessary? One of my regular readers, Gene Crain of Georgia, seems to think so. “I think SB-3 is right on point. We must have voter clarity so … Continue reading

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Missouri’s Voter ID Bill

“Rumors about Missouri’s pending voter identification bill have portrayed it as discriminatory and disenfranchising, wrapping more red tape around an already sticky system for exercising our constitutional right to vote. It is — but first, let’s get our facts straight.” … Continue reading

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